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According to the Australian gardening guru, Peter Cundall, most gardening activities are “dead easy”. The same can be said for connecting with nature in other ways.

The idea that nature experiences are rather exotic and hard to come by in urban life and settings is simply not true.

Here are suggestions – some based on the biophilic design principles that I wrote about in the previous post – for building nature seamlessly into everyday life:

1. Bring the outside in:

  • open windows and curtains to make use of natural light and ventilation House-Wrapped-Around-the-Open-Atrium-with-Natural-Light-in-the-Interior-5
  • decorate living and work areas with pot plants and flowers
  • install a fish tank

2. Surround yourself with images of nature (preferably with a water element):

  • Find places for nature pictures or posters on your desk and walls Lounge room
  • Choose a nature image for your screen saver
  • Collect (and look at regularly) picture books about nature
  • Listen to birdsong DVDs, e.g., A Morning in the Australian Bush, Favourite Australian Birdsong, Nature Walks – In the Forest,

3. Give yourself regular “nature moments” by spending a short time each day:

  • standing/sitting/meditating in your garden, on your patio, or in a neighbourhood green space
  • looking at clouds (preferably lying on the grass and at sunset)city sunset
  • going barefoot outdoors (a very good way to get the benefits of “earthing”)

4. Exercise outside (see my post on green exercise)

5. Meet with friends out of doors rather than a coffee shopFriends meeting in park


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